Our Mission:
We work in partnership with Nepal’s isolated communities to create lasting improvements in their quality of life.


Ending poverty can seem impossible.

dZi’s innovative model empowers Nepal’s most isolated communities to address poverty on their own terms.


Our community partners have proven that it's not.

Together with 40,000 community members, we have created practical and lasting solutions to the most pressing challenges in rural Nepal.

Every single day, dZi helps 40,000 people in Nepal’s remote villages break the cycle of poverty for good.

ngim lhamo amid flowers

Meet Ngim Lhamo

When Ngim Lhamo was 4, dZi helped her family construct a sanitary toilet. In subsequent years, we worked together to build a clean drinking water system and a safe school, in addition to supporting her family in growing new crops for sale and personal use.

Now Ngim Lhamo is healthier, safer at school, and has more time to study.

You can help others just like Ngim Lhamo.

Our Accomplishments



Number of students currently studying in new earthquake safe classrooms


NPR 197,232,650

Total amount of new income earned by our farmers to date



Total number of days of local contribution to date (111,765 days)

The dZi Foundation logo reflects the color and complexity of a marigold wreath.

Marigold wreaths are often given to visitors, marking their arrival as an auspicious occasion to be celebrated with vibrant beauty and energy.